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I had Bronchitis last month and was prescribed the 5 day dose of Z-Pak. When that didn’t work I was prescribed another 5 day dose of the Z-Pack. About 5 days after I finished the last pill of the second dose I began to feel horrible stomach symptoms. First, my stomach would hurt bad I would get hot flashes after every meal. Then about a week later I was very constipated and had severe stomach cramps. I went to the emergency room room and they did a CAT scan of my stomach and didn’t see anything so I was told to take a laxative for the constipation. Ever since the laxative, I’ve had loose stools. Not diarrhea, but not normal either. It’s now been 22 days since the last pill of the Z-Pak and I feel horrible. I can’t eat. If I do I’m immediately nauseous. The left side of my stomach hurts all the way around to the left side of my back. I’m extremely lightheaded. Whatever I eat seems to go right through me and doesn’t digest all the way. I ate salad last night and it came out this morning looking like.... Like salad! I am trying a different probiotic yogurt today and hopefully that helps. Has anyone ever had stomach problems almost a month after finishing an antibiotic?? Ugh

October 15, 2017 - 2:21pm


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