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You need to take real, high quality probiotics. Yogurt is not going to do it against antibiotics. Most probiotics in yogurt don’t make it to the shelf from the delivery truck. Raw 100 billion probiotics are the only ones that have helped me. Every doctor should really prescribe probiotics at the same time as antibiotics to avoid your gut being destroyed. There’s no point knocking out one infection to start another problem. Just don’t take them at the same time of day (ie. Take your probiotic in the morning and your antibiotic at night, or vice versa). I have taken antibiotics for years and just got my gut back to normal with all the probiotics I’ve been taking. Take probiotics all the time, not just when you are on antibiotics, to keep your gut flora up. Also, not everyone reacts well to acidophilus, so like I said try some from garden of life Raw brand probiotics- at least 100 billion. You can also add another one called mood probiotic (available on Amazon) by innivovix labs in a purple and yellow box, but that’s not enough on its own, only in addition to the 100 billion or other high dose probiotics. I double the dosage when I’m actually on antibiotics, but try to avoid taking antibiotics whenever possible. Also, just because a doctor says to take the antibiotic for 10 days (often way too long) does not mean it is necessary. I never take a full set. I take two days worth and let my body fight off the rest unless the infection just won’t go away, in which case I might need a different antibiotic as they should kick in pretty quickly after taking them and your body’s immune system should kick in after that to knock down the rest. Note: this is if you are taking the probiotics as I recommended so you are not also suffering from diarrhea and all the other issues prevented by them which would make it even harder for your system to fight what you have in the first place (see why pharmaceutical companies want you to stay on antibiotics?)

October 29, 2017 - 2:02pm


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