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Thanks for reading and encouraging!

I have not heard of Eye Magic, sorry.

Are you frustrated with droopy upper lids, puffy lower lids or both? If your upper lids/brows have migrated south, I'm afraid surgery is the best (and probably only) way to address the problem.

If your lower lids are the issue, there may be tactics that will improve your appearance to some extent. I believe it would be worthwhile to visit a board certified plastic surgeon who offers a variety of treatments, including physician-strength creams and injectables, even if you're sure you don't want surgery. These professionals understand the mechanisms behind aging around the eyes and a good one will be straight with you about what can and can't be accomplished. (How to find a good one? Research on the Web, ask others, and use your own gut instincts!)

And if you should ever waver in your vow to avoid surgery, you should know that eye procedures are relatively easy to recover from. In the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience with successful blepharoplasty surgery and the evidence to prove it, I would not be frightened.

I wrote an article a while back about lower lids...don't know if it will help:


Good luck!


June 8, 2009 - 1:51pm


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