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My DH and I met my kid sister and her boyfriend for brunch last weekend. The conversation turned toward my younger son who has been a college undergrad for 10 years, now, because he keeps changing his major. He started with Business, then Music, then Film, then a number of other things before going back to Music. He's even trying to get his pilot's license.

My sister's boyfriend, a professional musician and the Music Director for a very well-known poet/songwriter, said he can't quite relate to not knowing what you want to do in life. For him, it was easy to decide upon music because he was good at it and enjoyed it enough to want to make it a career.

Well, that's just where some of us have trouble trying to decide what we want to be when we grow up. My son is one of those kids who is great at everything he tries, but it has taken him a decade to decide which talent would become his career. Coming from a family of classically trained and professional musicians, I'm really thrilled he is seriously pursuing music.

It's also hard for me to relate to not having any ambition in life, and I've often wonder what happened in someone's childhood to have grown up aimless. Was that person surrounded by over-achievers, or by other people who had no sense of direction? Did that person have trouble focusing in school and lacked support from teachers? Was the person subjected to ridicule or overly critical people on a regular, tormenting basis?

My grandfather often said that a bored person is a boring person, and I've strived to never be bored or boring (the latter part is hard, LOL!). I'm afraid I don't have any patience for boredom.

March 20, 2009 - 5:36pm


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