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I know why I stay sober, away from drugs, bad influences. I know why I remain polite in public. I know why I have had goals in the past. I know why I've let them go. I don't know why I am alive other than that I was born. I don't believe the popular romantic artistic ideal that the mainstream media and hollywood films show us every minute of the day. I don't believe that passion is the route to knowing. All these things are just one way of viewing life, a chosen philosophy. Why not choose another instead? I have no ambition to climb the social ladder. To tell people how to live. To engage in politics. All those things are destructive. I see things that are good, things that are interesting, but I don't wish to dedicate my life to them. I don't encourage anyone to follow me. I do not promote my values as true and right. I chose to live my own life and because my life focuses on what I think is important, people say I have no ambition, but it is just that they cannot see what I see. Most of all they cannot see themselves and that part of their values involve controlling or destroying people like me. They are not satisfied until everyone is like them. Noting wrong with that, it just means there will always be conflict. Life would not be so fearful for them, they would not fear lack of purpose so much, if they would admit that.

December 6, 2009 - 4:23pm


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