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My husband hasn't wanted me since I said I DO !!
That was 46 years ago, I thought I could fix every thing, but that was just foolish of me. We only had sex, intimacy once my first, last and only time. Before we were married it was taboo to have sex or any thing that rsembles sex. We did kiss and hold hands. He just hated sex with me or any one else for that matter. He just clammed up in his own little world, never had any friends once he got out of the military. His whole life was himself and work nothing more. He even lived alone in our basement, that way he would be away from me, I was not to talk to him and to just leave him alone.
My life was filled with disappointment , anger, depression and lonelyness. I just worried about me and really didn't care about him.

March 11, 2014 - 11:06am


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