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Narcissists are the master manipulators and they are completely selfish. Sex addicts are typically narcissists, as well as, cult leaders and people like Casey Anthony... or Susan Smith. All they see is their own little worlds, with their own little needs!!

I know I have run into two or three or four... :-)

Reading, for me, is the master healer for troubled times when you ar making a big life change and feel a little like you are at a fork in the road. Internet is loaded with good self help stuff... but if you go to a Barnes and Noble and hang out in the self help section... you'll want to stay in there all day! Well at least I do, it helps to understand what my plight is when I can read about it and disect it. I don't know... try it, see if it helps you!

By the way, women are supposed to support one another, we just forget sometimes out there battling all the battles we face as mothers, wives, employees, bill payers and tax payers... you know the rest!
Any time!

July 21, 2009 - 9:34pm


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