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Dear frustrated2003-
I really feel for you after reading your blog. Sorry to say but the way you expressed your partner he sounds like a really big jerk. I am sure there is good in him or you never would have loved him from the start. But he sounds to be in a rut of some kind which seems to be rubbing off and bringing the whole family down. You probably had big hopes and dreams coming to this country and you still can. No man should hold you back from feeling like a beautiful confident woman that you are. You have two great kids-1 of each if I may remind you(I have the same 1 boy 1 girl). You can choose to ignore him as well or threaten him in some way-you know scare him a little that you may leave. Have you ever asked him whats changed in his heart?

September 10, 2010 - 9:45am


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