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You can certainly have an abdominoplasty surgery with pelvic reconstruction done together. They do not interfere with each other and you have the advantage of one anesthesia and one recovery period. You have the disadvantage of pain and discomfort in two regions and a longer anesthetic application. In my practice, we refer to these type of cases as "North-South Face Lifts" since the plastic surgeon is doing the tummy/breast/face surgery in the upper body (North) and I do the pelvic reconstruction "down south." I usually end up doing the pelvic reconstruction (i.e. incontinence surgery and fallen bladder/rectum surgery) along with some aspect of aesthetic vaginal surgery such as labiaplasty and/or vaginoplasty (vaginal rejuvenation).

Hope this helps you out.

Red Alinsod, MD

December 11, 2009 - 4:22pm


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