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Hi, Here is the rest of your question, so others can read it in its entirety:

"I had a what I thought was a total thyroidectomy last year, but a recent CT Scan and Ultrasound show that there is still thyroid tissue in my neck. Could it be cancer again?"

I have the same reaction as Alysia K: What did the doctor or lab technician say about your CT scan and ultrasound? Why did you have these test performed; were they routine or are you having symptoms?
- Can you provide more information?
- Did you have a total thyroidectomy, or a partial thyroidectomy?
- What type of thyroid cancer did you have, that led to the surgery, and what stage was it in?

If you had a total thyroidectomy, I do not understand how there would still be thyroid tissue present, but only your doctor can tell you why the test was ordered in the first place, and what the results are. When do you see your doctor for the results?

March 27, 2009 - 12:13pm


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