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I think it is important to point out that the birth control pill manipulates your hormonal profile so that the body thinks that it is pregnant. Imagine being pregnant for 15 years! It does this so effectively that not only do your hormones get controlled but things like your zinc/copper ratios get reversed because the body thinks it is pregnant. Zinc is critical for your immune system, fertility and a whole range of functions. Therefore you should always look at taking a liquid zinc supplement if you do take the pill and after (liquid because it is bio available and I also found out because there is a simple test where if you can’t taste pure liquid zinc it means you are deficient so easy to know when you need to keep taking it). Another thing to be aware of if you take the pill for hormone imbalances which can result in PMS, acne and many other conditions is that the pill doesn’t fix the hormone imbalance but rather manipulates and controls hormone levels to stop symptoms. The big misnomer is that we think that the pill is "fixing" hormone imbalance when in fact it is often just masking what is going on. That is why when you go off the pill often not only have your symptoms not gone but they have got worse. Also after having progesterone supplemented for so long often the body’s production of progesterone has slowed or shut down resulting in amenorrhea. I could go on about how the pill affected my mood and many other things I experienced but fortunately my naturopathic doctor put me on an all natural solution called Femmenessence which actually corrects the hormone imbalance and brings the body back into harmony as well as liquid zinc and an alkaline diet. Not only is my cycle now completely regular but no side effects!

March 29, 2009 - 12:20pm


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