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Hi Lauren and all forum readers:

I have suffered greatly with my period every single month (mostly vomitting and cramps) since age 14. I'll be 33 yrs old in a couple of months. I am less than 110 lbs (which is hereditary), have little to no appetite (mostly all of my life), not consistant in taking vitamin supplements (most are too strong for me), and I really want to feel and look like a healthy woman. I basically have the body of a lanky 15 yr old. My period comes regular every month and I do not experience heavy bleeding. So I've never had irregular cycles. I am not sexually active and I do not have any kids. I've tried medication that cancer patients use after chemo to reduce nausea symptoms and it works great at the onset of my period. That's a good feeling since I've been vomitting every month for the past 19 years. But when my period stops, I get terrible headaches and sometimes become nauseous. By the way, that medication (Divon-British product) was not prescribed by a doctor. I got it from my cousin who suffered terribly with her period as well. Her dad had cancer and that was prescribed for him. I know- that's a stupid thing for me to do. But I've tried so many different things (prescribed pain killers-by doctors, natural vitamins (such as nettle, rosemary) and even meditation and self-hypnosis).

Okay, now to the point - Would you recommend an oral contraceptive for someone like me? And which kind of pill do you think would work best for me? I know I'll have to visit an obgyn, but I'd just like to hear some suggestions from women who have used birth control pills. I do not visit an obgyn or any general practioner on a regular basis. Overall, I am healthy with no signs of terminal sickness or disease. Also, this month was the last time I've decided to take the medication suited for recovering cancer patients. It could do more damage than good for me in the long run. I would appreciate your suggestions.

April 18, 2009 - 12:39am


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