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Has this 3:00 cocktail become an issue in your life? Do you start drinking the wine and do not stop until you are drunk? Do you think you may have an alcohol abuse problem?
Another question would be what happens at 3:00? Would this be the end of your day at work?
If you believe you may have an alcohol abuse problem, there is always Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Here is there website www.aa.org.
Ask yourself, what is the reason I am drinking?Write it down so you can find the underlying reason why you want to pick up the wine at 3:00.
After you have figured out the reasoning, make a plan. Set a date that you will no longer have the 3:00 cocktail.
Find someone to talk to. If you don't want to attend AA meetings, find another person to talk to, preferably someone who doesn't know you and can an outside source of help such as a psychologist.
Change your behavior. Whatever the reasoning behind the 3:00 trigger, try something new. Workout, take a walk down the street, try anything else besides the cup of wine to keep your mind and body at ease.
Please let us know know more information so we can try and help you.

April 5, 2009 - 9:39am


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