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Hi, Anon.

Just to add to the very good points up above -- it seems that you, yourself, believe that you need to stop drinking. What that tells me is that whether it's one glass or a whole bottle, you've decided that it doesn't work for you -- but then the afternoon rolls around and you can't resist.

I'm suspecting that if that's the case, you also find difficulty stopping after a glass or two. A glass of red wine every afternoon or evening wouldn't bother most people. It's when you HAVE to have it that there's a sign that something's wrong.

Are you worried that you might be an alcoholic? If so, please realize that you are AWESOME to be examining your behavior in this way and that if you do believe you have a problem, you've already taken the most important step -- you've told someone. You've told us. And you're asking yourself. And you're looking for some help. I think that's smart, and strong, and worthwhile.

There is a self-assesment quiz you can take online that will help you decide if you have a problem with alcohol. It is 20 questions that give you some direction as to whether your drinking habits are safe, risky or harmful. Here's a link to the quiz:


Depending on the results, if you think that you indeed do have a problem, the best place to start might be your doctor's office. She or he can help assess the situation:


Take care, and please write back to update us.

April 9, 2009 - 8:19am


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