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im from the uk and have a similar story of various gum clinics, doctors etc lidocaine, steroid creams, antifungaks and various doctors trying to just put me on anti depressant to numb nerve pain. I want to find the cause though and not mask the symptoms plus I think my vulvadynia is definitely triggered by stress but it is there underlying, mildly there from days 1-14 of my cycle worse generally day 9 and 13. I have had lots of blood tests done and just been told my free testosterone levels are slightly low and Shbg levels slightly high. So I'm hoping this might be the cause as it's been a long time searching for answers. I too have had it since first inter course really, never been on the pill but I found this article - very recent and up to date- that explains the need for testosterone in the vestibule and how the pill can alter it. Thought it might help someone when your trying to find answers to what might be happening. http://www.pelvicpain.org/Professional/Blog/IPPS-Blog/June-2014/Do-Oral-Contraceptive-Pills-Cause-Vulvodynia-Time.aspx


March 3, 2015 - 7:32am


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