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I'm on a journey too. 17 yrs of symptoms. Among the myriad of misery, a Rheumatologist diagnosed Sjogren's & Fibromyalgia in 1997. I had suffered first with thyroiditis after having my second child in 1995. It was not diagnosed and treated til much later due to DR's only focusing on blood results instead of symptoms. I do not know if that was the trigger?? 2000 I became very ill....01/2004 a kidney was removed after spending a year fighting with BCBS insurance.

It was a birth defect no one knew about. My PCP knew my left kidney was in my lower right pelvis but never said anything. Just it wasn't in the rifght place....so I thought it was slightly to the center - NOT on top my right leg. Anyway, I felt much better after the removal. I had spent years on a roller coaster of feeling I'll more days than not.

Fast forward to 2006. Had a surprise pregnancy. My son was born summer 2006. Everything went great til he was born. Opted for c section due to him being breech and last child. Was nauseous for 10 days before DR called in zofran. But myriad of symptoms starts again.

Today.....I find your post interesting because you are taking bcomplex and vitamin d.

I will find out more tomorrow but my problems may very well be a parathyroid tumor causing high calcium levels which dry you out, zap energy, cause pain and sleep disturbances etc.......but high calcium causes kidney failure, kidney stones, MVP, HBP, anxiety etc.

I had to stop my multi vitamin and stick with b complex. High calcium will lower vitamin D too. But supplements increase calcium. Parathyroid.com is an excellent site. It is worth a look.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a kidney specialist. After an endocrinologist blew me off, I went outside insurance -back to the surgeon who removed my deformed kidney. He scheduled tests the Endocrinologist should have. I think in todays economy it was my smartest move. He ordered my tests at a place covered by my insurance to get to the bottom of things instead of letting me walk out the door with the "everything is fine, your labs are all normal". Heaven forbid we only rely on labs and dismiss all the miserable symptoms right in front of their eyes.

This recent diagnosis was from a trip to an Urgent Care Center. I had calcium of 10.5. She advised me to drink water s the only way to bring calcium down is to flush it out. Which explains why I drink sooooo much all the time. And why I like lemon water. Lemon counters the calcium.

Anyway, thanks for your post. I'm still learning, researching and hoping for an answer to my fatigue, bone pain, dryness, flank pain, insomnia, muscle weakness, etc

April 16, 2012 - 8:08am


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