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Hi it is me Lynn I have posted here a few times in the past few years.
An Update-I had to have all my teeth pulled because of the Sjogrens-it was awful and considering I am on disability and medicare doesn't cover anything with teeth unless it is 'out of the ordinary"ah HELLO?
One of the best oral surgeons in our area did not know what sjogrens was/is'oh just dry eyes and mouth"
HOW could he not know?
I have run into so many MDs who know nothing about this horrible disease.
I ended up walking around for a year with no teeth-and I had to be hospitalised to have the teeth pulled because I just had Bypass Cardiac Surgery.
1,600.00$ by the time all was done and I had false teeth.A relative felt sorry for me and paid this. I even wrote the President of the USA.
How can Medicare not pay for eyeglasses or dental issues with sjogrens patients as it is a disease process.I am only 54 but what about someone more elderly?
If you can't see-you fall
if you cannot eat-you lose weight and become unhealthy.
Needless to say Mr Obamas office wrote back asking for a contribution-which means no one looked at it.
I have no recovered well from the cardiac surgery.
Just the way it goes.
My pain remains under control with the Kadian.
I have never had to increase the dose.
I notice I grow weaker every year-age and illness.

I still meditate -do stretching yoga-music therapy...
I have given up meat completely
I no longer smoke
I walk daily...
Chronic illness is so hard on the Brain and Emotions
it remains a constant battle to stay afloat.
I now talk to people online and I mail-information about the illness to every MDs address I can get..it seems less threatening to them I think--most MDs I have appraoched feel very uncomfortable because they have no clue about sjogrens..
If I ask them if they want info they say no so this way it just ends up hopefully in their box somewhere and they take the time to read it all.
Hang in there everyone.

April 16, 2012 - 6:37pm


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