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I too had hoped that the tennis star would come forward with her illness yet she has not---Julian Lennon (yes johns son)-google him he does a lot of work for Lupus etc..seems it is all for a friend of his he watched suffer so bad--she is the LUCY in "LUCY in the sky with Diamond" other than him-I think most career actors are afraid to come out about their illness as it may affect their jobs status-all of us would be out there too and boy they wouldnt want that.I think when someone gets it bad enough-when all choices are gone and the Lupus /sjogrens chooses for them then they will come forward..I cannot make appointments ahead of time-I cannot tell you if next week on tuesday I will be able to get up and make it to where ever..people used to tell me ""i have it too but I won't let it beat me" BS sorry but sooner or later you have no option of choice-then you stop worrying about tests and diagnosis and start to just deal with one day at a time and whatever symptoms you are having.I don't want you to loose faith but face reality-listen to your body..

April 21, 2012 - 6:47pm


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