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Oh My..so many suffering. Me..Breast Cancer, Mycosis fungoides ( non Hodgkins lyphoma)...low thyroid and polps, RA., Sjogrens.. I have had every RA drug without results...now I am doing pain clinic..double hip injections, double shoulder injections, neck epidurals, spinal epidurals. It helps...but wish I could have all over relief at once. My big question today is WHY is'nt there an eyedrop that can help the eye pain??? It is unbearable. Pain meds tha i take for my RA do not help my eye pain...it feels like glass in my eye. Usually one eye at a time. I have many rituals..specifically for my eyes..lubricated eye drops all day..maybe as much as 15 times a day. Johnsons baby Shampoo to wash my face and eyes..then right before bed time I use the eye gel in both eyes faithfully...Also for the dry mouth I use biotene toothpaste, mouthwash, spray ( by bedside and in my purse)...it helps. The cost of these medical supplies is really tough. Listen, Girls, I am praying for all of you!! Hugs and Chin up! MJ

June 13, 2012 - 11:44am


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