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I take morphine 3x/day. They had me on hydrocodone, but eventually I couldn't take the pain and ended up in the ER. Sometimes you have to advocate for yourself by pushing and not taking no for an answer. Protest! Cry in front of strangers! Tell them if the pain is TOOOO much. I was admitted and they could see that my pain was real, but I had to let all my frustrations out and be an emotional mess for a bit, which I do NOT usually do to strangers. Also, for those with mouth pain, there is a prescription mouthwash in a little brown medicine bottle called Magic Mouthwash, and it truly works! Rinsing a few times starts mending the worst sores. You have to have your dr prescribe it. Another thing, IVIG is not a drug. It's the result of 1000-1500 blood donations, which are then used to extract immunoglobulins that are part of and a boost to the immune system. That's why it's so expensive.

November 25, 2014 - 7:51am


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