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And i am just like you!!, so I know how you are suffering. And quite frankly, if it weren't for having to care for my 92 yr. old mother, who has dementia, and my two beloved Siamese cats, I would be considering something drastic----as you are, I hate to say. So I must tell you about something that may very well help you, though I don't know if you can get this treatment in Australia. I live in Utah, USA, and my doctor is an MD, a DO, and a Naturopath too. He is the only doctor in my area who can get the therapy, which is one injection per month, but because it is not a drug or pharmaceutical, and from Europe, it costs us a bomb---$300 per injection!, as our insurance won't cover it. The serum comes from Spain, but at least he can get it. It is called a SAM Peptides therapy (Sequential Amino Acids Modulator), and you can get a general serum that helps pain so much with things like arthritis, most auto-immune diseases, Hashimotos Thyroid, fibromyalgia (of which I have all!)etc., even diabetes. But it can also be for particular problems only, like Sjogrens, of which I have a particularly vicious case of now. For one year, which is usually the duration of treatment for good and or permanent results, I had much pain relief and was feeling on the mend----until I had a severe dental abscess which necessitated surgeries, drugs, anti-biotics, etc. which totally ruined my progress, caused bowel and gut problems, weight gain, diverticulosis, and then the Sjogrens kicked in worse than ever. My eyes started to fail, hurt terribly, could barely see, and the nerve pain (peripheral neuropathy, bursitis, spinal syringomyelia, crushed vertebrae) became absolutely intolerable, as did the dry eyes and dry mouth. I was at the end of my rope, and in total misery! The doctor then told me I could get that serum specifically for Sjogren's, and I just had my second injection a few days ago. I am truly astounded at how much better already my eyes feel, etc.!! The grittiness, burning, pain and tearing are so much better, and I felt the relief the very next day. I use Homeopathic eye drops with no preservatives, as well. I purchase them online from Natural Opthalmics RX and choose the Womens drops for Dry Eye, Sjogren's problems, and hormonal imbalances. So far I am having good luck. So----please do not give up!, and I hope you can find a special sympathetic doctor who can get this wonderful serum for you. But it requires that you cease all medications (drugs), particularly steroids, and in my case the Thyroid meds (which made me so ill!), as they will inhibit the success of the SAM injections.
I wish you well from the bottom of my heart, and hope you can find this treatment where you live. Also, for pain in bones, joints, nerves, muscles, skin, etc., I have recently found out about something called OptiMSM (pure Methylsulphonylmethane), a natural sulphur compound. I ordered mine online from the Kala Health company, via Amazon, but it only arrived today, so have not tried it yet. But do look it up, and perhaps it will help with the severe pain caused by this horrible Sjogren's disease!
I hope this helps you, and I wish you well----
God Bless and Good Luck!!!

February 9, 2018 - 6:43pm


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