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I was the one that wrote April 26, 2009....lost a kidney. I quit the plaquenil. I was having vision problems and had severe abdominal pain. I thought since last time was 6 months, I could afford to try stopping it. Well my legs were in horrible pain and BP up and couldn't sleep.

I reached a point where a neighbor suggested magnesium. The 500 mg magnesium / 3 times a day did wonders. Because I was really worried about needing crutches to walk and the pain at night was terrible. Well then I added Vitamin C / 1000 mg - 4 times a day.

And recently researched vitamin D. Added D. Research suggests low levels of Vitamin D correlate with autoimmune disease as well as, high blood pressure & muscle and bone pain. I am very much improved over the 6 weeks. I added One a Day over 50+ multi vitamin.

I also started drinking milk in the morning and at night.

OH and gave up coffee. Well almost entirely lol. I have coffee Wednesday morning. But my blood pressure has dropped.

April 24, 2010 - 8:22pm


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