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I went to a rheumatologist about a year ago with all-over body pain. Through a large amount of tests, the only thing that had a red flag was my sjogren's symdrome test. However, there was never a diagnosis made. I have been told that I do not have fibromyalgia. I continue to suffer with all-over burning and throbbing body aches. At time I have sharp pains in spots, like one finger or my shoulder or my calf muscle. There is never one area that has sharp pains, it just varies from day to day. There are time throughout the year that I am not in so much pain, but once the cold weather hits, I am miserable again. I honestly am at a loss and need some input from anybody. I also had a CT scan a couple of years ago showing a small inflamation at the end of my pancreas. I am also due back for a mammo due to calcifications on my last mammo. I have a lot of pain in that breast, so they don't seem concerned. Anyone have any ideas for me?

October 16, 2010 - 10:16am


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