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hey everybody
im a 20 year old mathematics student and i think that i might be infected with hpv.

so a few months back i was 'talking' to this girl to see if we can spur up a romantic relationship; we got along great.

one day in the heat of the moment, not actually having sex, she rubbed her private parts with mine, i didnt think much of it at the moment other than the future of our relationship.

following this encounter i notice she began to change, she was acting very different with me to the point that i decided to confront her about it, we walked around a park and there she told me how she had gotten HPV from her ex-bf.

we never actually had sex or any kind of sexual contact other than that one time.

as time went on, me and her, broke it off and decided to stay just as friends; meanwhile i had notice that the day that me and her had our small intimacy episode, she gave me a rash with her underwear, which was wet with her fluids; i started putting the puzzle together as i notice that the rash never healed and started getting worst.

im very positive that i might be infected too but i honestly do not know where to go , who to tell, or what to do now that the damage is done. i completely blocked this girl out of my life as i find it impossible to actually have to confess this dark secret to anyone. my financial situation does not allow me for me to see a doctor as i have not been in a hospital in over 10 years since i came to America.

im so depressed, ive started developing drug issues to help me cope with this. ive become extremely isolated to the point that i dropped out of college. all the things i see online only make me hate myself even more for this. No cure. No test for men. and plus seeing myself in this tough financial situation has made it even harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

one thing that ive been really confused about is how some sites explain how it can "go away", but how?? is it not a virus??
and how can i ever know if there are no test for men?!?

June 16, 2011 - 2:55am


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