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OK now that that's cleared up, did you have an actual HPV test becuas at your age, the HPV test is contraindicatd by the current guidlines. Was this just a visual exam where the doc said it was genital warts perhaps? Do you know for a fact that this "clean man" has NEVER had any genital contact with anyone ever becauwe as you may know transmission does not require intrcourse. Een deep kissing is now being linkd to transmission becuase it does exisdt in the saliva.
I don't know that you have to discuss your specific prior history with this new guy. You can tell him that you never had intercourse whic his true but that there are now numerous other ways that it has ben shown to gt HPV. You can een go to my site where there is an interview with one of America's TOP HPV docs talking about foamite transmission (other objects) and use the website as a means for discussion and learning between the two of you. I do caution you however even though you may say "It could never happento me". A young woman in her 20s recntly diagnosed with HPV informed HER partner and he beat her to the point of unconsciousness. I would not want you to put yourself in harms way over this either

September 13, 2011 - 5:31pm


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