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Over the past few months my left breast has become slightly larger than the right. I went to one doctor who said it was a common change due to hormones. A second opinion Doctor sent me for an ultrasound as she felt 2 lumps. The ultrasound showed 1 lump, and the radiologist believes it to be a lymph node. It is only 5mm, and has not changed in size since my Mamm/US 6 months ago. He was not very concerned, but offered me the option to have an ultra sound guided core biopsy , which I am going to do. My question is, if my breast enlargement is an early sign of IBC, would a biopsy of this palpable lymph node be able to detect the cancer? Or should I push for further surgical consultation on the enlargement issue?

On a side note, my radiologist said that although my lymph node was palpable, it was small, and not enlarged. This is contradictory to some of the info I have found online which indicates if it is palpable, its enlarged. Any tie breaking opinions on the issue?

December 15, 2011 - 4:42pm


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