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Has anyone getten any results on this topic? I am not sure how old this forum is or how often it is checked. I recently found 3 lumps in the outer quadrant of my left breast. The ultrasound could only pick up one of the lumps which was diagnosed as a lipoma. I was relieved. The radiologist felt that the other lumps were just fibronodular breast tissue and not of much concern and that is why they were not picked up by the ultrasound. And the mammo showed no malignant abnormalities. However, I was told and it was also printed on the ultrasound report that I have "extremely dense" breasts, so I know that a mammo is not the most diagnostic in cases like mine. I am also only 28 years old. They still had me see a BS just to be safe and the breast surgeon felt all the lumps and said these are nothing, just normal fibronodular breast tissue. Mind you, I can feel the boarders of the original lumps that were not seen on the ultrasound. Now, I week later, I have also found 2 more lumps near my armpit. I am so upset. I can only think that they are lymph nodes and they are swollen because of the "normal fibronodular tissue" that may not be normal. The doctor has completely brushed me off. I am so confused and upset. I had two ultrasounds performed 10 days apart, both not picking up on the other easily palpated masses, but both of these ultrasounds were performed prior to me finding these new masses near my underarm, which I can only imagine are lymph nodes because of how they feel, are tender, and where they are located. I feel like I have not been taken seriously once through this entire process and I am so scared. Has anyone who commented on this forum for lymph nodes received any answers yet? I am scared. Thank you for your time, ladies.

October 17, 2013 - 12:54pm


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