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Interesting to hear a story from the perspective of someone who is trying to do the right thing while dealing with their own issues, but I found it amazing and disturbing that your entire concern was for what would be least offensive to a bunch of strangers. Your baby was hungry and should have been fed. If the train was too dirty to nurse in, it would have been too dirty to take your family on. Your entire dilemma made no real sense to me. The answer was to ignore all these issues of yours and put the baby's needs first. I understand you had, and have, some trepidation about nursing, but it's really a simple choice. You chose to let the baby wait, and feed him in the nursing room in a public bathroom, so you wouldn't feel embarassed. Personally, I think the train would have been better all around. Next time, I hope you make a better choice.

April 19, 2009 - 10:10am


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