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As more people read this, I wonder: If you are a person who would rather not see a woman breastfeeding in public, what is it exactly that is offending?

Is it that you or someone else might see an uncovered breast for a few seconds? (Of course you would have to be watching her to do so.)

Is it the thought of the baby being fed from the breast?

Is it that you think there's a sexual component to it instead of a simple feeding behavior?

Is it that you have children yourself and are hesitant about answering their questions?

Or is it something else? I'm truly curious.

Susan, I feel your predicament. My sister raised four children, all breast-fed. I cannot tell you how many times she went and sat in her mini-van to breast-feed her baby just to escape situations like this, and to provide a peaceful setting for her nursing child.

April 20, 2009 - 9:30am


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