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I agree with the previous anonymous poster. In regards to this part:
"America's ideas shifted from this being a natural part of life to an OMG-she-showed-her-breast-in-public-and-some-man-might-see-them!!!"
I would also add that it's not always about what someone might SEE, but often about what someone knows is going on 'under there'. Meaning, even if a woman is completely covered by a blanket, some people are still disgusted by it because they know that under that blanket there is a baby suckling on a nipple. In America, we have sexualized breasts so much that, in many people's minds, any nipple suckling must be a sexual act and god forbid you involve a young child in a sexual act.
When American's can figure out how to separate the sexual aspects of breasts from the nourishing aspects of breasts, then we will be able to move beyond this entire debate and accept the dual purpose of breasts. We will be able to accept that breasts used in a sexual manner is to be kept private. Breasts used in a nourishing and comforting manner to a young child is acceptable anywhere as the need arises.

May 11, 2009 - 8:06am


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