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My 2nd baby is now 3 months and I am currently breastfeeding him as I did with my first. Nursing under a cover does take coordination, but after the first baby, you pretty much get good at it and for me, I got over my inhibitions. Before having kids, I would really get embarrassed even thinking about the notion of BF in public. But, after kids, you grow up, mature and let your instincts take over. A momma's instincts are MAKE THE BABY STOP CRYING! You don't care who's watching, baby comes first. And yes, public bathrooms are germ cestpools - YOU wouldn't eat in one, why should your baby have to? I can see how someone who doesn't have these instincts would not have been forced to mature in this area and might have a different opinion, but now you are informed, so go and spread your new-found wisdom. Also, they make covers now specifically for BF that look kind of like an apron with the little hoop that allows you to watch your baby all while keeping you covered - they are much easier than manuevering a free blanket. Mine is called Bebe Aulait and I got it on ebay for about 25-30 bucks. Sweet little invention. One more little tip - wear tops that can be pulled down from the top or if you can't, I wear a tank under my shirt so that when I pull my top shirt up, nothing is exposed at all ever.

May 29, 2009 - 3:40pm


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