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Yes it’s about proving a point get over it weirdo! I will prove the point that bf is natural and normal through and through again and again and I will not cover up when bf for anyone! No I don’t expect politeness! If some sad nob head wants to stare at me breastfeeding that’s fine. Some ppl might be looking because they think it’s a beautiful thing to see! As Im a mother feeding her baby. Not my breasts! Not everyone in this planet is obsessed by tits! Not everyone thinks they are a sexual tool! That’s because the majority of people thank god are not ignorant stupid and are cultured and enlightened! It’s only because of the crap put out in the media that ppl think boobs are sexual and inappropriate! So far removed from the natural world it’s ridiculous! We weren’t born with clothes neither! They were invented! I’m not saying we should be naked but it’s natural. If ppl are that easily sexually aroused or offended by a tiny bit of breast I think they need to go experience a bit of life and get out from their sheltered pathetic lives. Bf is 100% natural I don’t even cover up not because I’m exhibitionist I just don’t have any tolerance for small minded dim witted people. I don’t care what they think or say because let’s face it whatever them types of people think or say are all from very dark and depraved places and these people are actually the types of people who abuse and cause all tge undesirable stuff to happen in life with their dirty twisted minds. Twisting a baby feeding in to something it’s not. I’m proud to bf and if anyone has a problem that’s their problem. If it offends you do look away or take yourself up to the next level of train or in a different bloody room. I’m nit going to let my baby suffer in anyway ever and especially not for some degenerate who is too thick to realise that bottles weren’t even invented till approx 150 years ago! That formula milk wasn’t invented till approx 70 years ago! How longs the planet been going for? How long have we had human life? These idiots wouldn’t even be here today if it wasn’t for their great grannies generation after generation breast feeding! Tge human population simply wouldn’t exist! Did they have special bloody test rooms back in the 1st century AD? Or even in the times BC? And since! Did they all cover up with blankets ashamed of what they were doing do you think? Err I think not! Let me tell you also if you have a pervert on the loose and they are near you ina public place nothing you do to so call protect yourself will deter such a cretin anyway. They’ll perv at a woman’s breast area even if she fully covered up in that area so realise that showing breast doesn’t encourage perverts. The ppl with these silly bf views are the types no doubt that think a woman deserves molestation abuse or even rape for wearing inappropriate clothing and showing off her legs or her breasts! It’s somply archaic ridiculous nonsense! I just hope none of these small minded dim witts have any influence or power in the world because if they do we are all doomed!

August 23, 2018 - 5:26pm


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