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OMG I have the SAME THING! Its 7 am and I just got up to go pee and my urethral opening is on fire! I am 24, I am NOT sexually active. I have been tested for everthing known to man with no positive result. The burning sensation lasts a few minutes to a few hours.. I just drink a glass of water, lay a cold wash cloth over my girl parts and lay on my back spread eagle and try to doze off again until its gone. I get it maybe 3 or four times a month. I am wondering if there is something about the acidity of what I am eating? I had bellpepper and tomato salad for dinner last night ( a la weight watchers) but I have never payed attention to that correlation before. I really wish there was a name for this horrible condition that obviously effects so many women, I am also glad I am not alone. Anybody else linking acidity of meals as a trigger?

September 8, 2010 - 7:47am


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