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Wanted to comment on the cysts. My wife and I found out at 20 weeks that our baby had cysts, one on the left and a cluster on the right. My wife was also diagnosed with Placenta Preivia (sp?) When we discussed this with our midwife, she explained she was more worried about the placenta than the cysts. I did some research on the web, looked at alot of message boards and found that many expectant parents were saying the same thing, "Dont worry, it will probably go away". Today we had our 26 week ultrasound and am happy to report they have indeed gone and the baby is perfectly normal and growing well. One thing I would recommend to all who go through this, DONT DO NOTHING. We talked to a genetic counsler ( Free in Canada), and found out all the facts. We also did the screening and found out we were negative for many things. This screening combined with the latest ultrasound confirms that our chance of downe or trisomy 18 is about 1/454. The OB said in all the years he has done this, he has never seen a case of genetic mutation when the risk is this low. We are expecting in late october!!

July 17, 2009 - 6:32pm


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