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I have had nail issues for the past few years... I had little white lines on them, they were getting flat, breaking easily. Your nails show signs of your body's overall health. I started eating better, taking a multivitamin with probiotics in it, drinking a lot more water, and now I am on a supplement called Biosil just for healthy hair skin & nails. My nails, hair, and skin are all looking a lot better I am also feeling a lot better (just healthier, more energy) as well. I would recommend that you have a dr look at them. If it's not serious, then start making changes like I did and you will see results fast. I have only been doing this for 2-3 months. For ladies- stop wearing nail polish if you do all the time. Put a layer of coconut oil on them and let them breathe for a while. For guys and ladies- getting your essential vitamins & minerals everyday is so important. If you struggle with eating veggies I would suggest a protein shake or smoothie that contains all of them. I am taking mass gainer everyday which adds 1000 calories to my diet (yes I am a lady trying to gain weight) plus has everything I need in it. Remember that if something is off your body is always trying to tell you regardless if it's sporadic rashes, acne, canker sores, hair falling out, always tired.... Or your symptoms could be worse. Get in tune with your body and good luck!

February 25, 2015 - 7:36am


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