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"Prozac’s function involves balancing levels of Serotonin in patient’s brains."

--This is not necessarily so: nobody really knows how Prozac works, or what it's longterm effects are. The serotonin story is what drug companies would have us believe-but read psychopharmacologist David Healy for the inside story. It's appalling how little is really known about the SSRIs. Yes, everyone is different, Teri, as you say, and as the comments above (fascinating) demonstrate-- everyone has different responses to these drugs. You and many others have been helped by Prozac, but the SSRIs can be very dangerous to some people. And far from curing insomnia, they can bring it on, sometimes permanently.
Gayle Greene, author, INSOMNIAC, sleepstarved.org

April 27, 2009 - 1:42am


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