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(reply to alysiak)

Hmmm...Well sometimes my period is pretty heavy, but that is only for the first few days, so I really think that my period is normal. Yeah my doctor isn't any help, I have gotten to the point that I think it is pointless to go to him with problems. My boyfriend tells me to go to him and say this is my problem do something about it. He is really annoyed with my doctor because he is concerned and also because it affect our sex life of course. I want a gynecologist but my doctor wont refer me to one and they don't take new patient unless they are referred.
Yeah I was thinking because of it being brown that it could be just residual bleeding. I was looking into uterine cleanses and only came across a fertility cleanse, which does cleanse your uteris but I am not planning on getting pregnant, so this is probably no good for me. Is there such thing as a uterine cleanse out there? I would try douching but I have always heard that it is bad for you, and I think I would need something more then that to work for me.
Oh by I have been diagnosed with HPV in the past could this possibly cause this? Sorry I should have mention that originally, but I haven't had signs of it on my pap smear in years, or at least my doctor isn't mentioning whether it is still showing up or not.

April 24, 2009 - 7:42am


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