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I know this thread is really old but was wondering if anyone had any updates or advice.

I have been suffering from the constant brown discharge for over a year now - originally started while being on the pill. Doctors changed my pill several times but the brown discharge continued so they advised me to get off of it completely (i have been on birth control for about 10 years now). i am 27 years old. since i have gotten off of the pill the brown discharge has persister. it usually starts a week after my period - and then continues and goes through my next period (cd7- end of cycle). i have had blood work done and my progesterone has tested low but when i was given oral progesterone to take it made the problem worse. i have had many transvaginal ultrasounds done as well as a saline ultrasound and i have no polyps, fibroids or cysts. doctors say that there is nothing functionally wrong with me although my lining while on birth control was at a 2.5 and has only gone up to 5mm now. i have seen 5 gynecologists and all of them just push the pill on me and in my mind i wonder if taking the pill for so long caused this in the first place. i am wanting to get pregnant within the next year but am too scared to try - knowing that my body is not right right now.

Has anyone found anything that works to solve this issue?!!


August 29, 2018 - 8:33am


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