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I first had the IUD back in May 2006 after my son was born, I went the enitire five years before getting it swapped for a new one (only to find out, people in europe, keep them in for 7) in the beginning I noticed a lot of symptoms-sex? forget about it, I just simply didnt want it anymore-caused a lot of issues in my relationship, I also had difficulty losing the baby wieght. Towards the end of that 5 years, all of a sudden my sex drive came back and I was happier-was it because the hormone was now not as strong? It has now been 3 weeks since I had the new one inserted, and I am feeling the symptoms like I did the first time-Back to no SEX DRIVE, DEPRESSION/ANXIETY (if this is a normal thing for you, it may increase due to the IUD) and mood swings. I cannot stand having something in my body that can keep me from being myself-its coming out and were just gonna have to try other methods. Good luck to those of you who are experiencing the same stuff.

June 10, 2012 - 6:59am


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