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after having a baby (two years ago) I had the mirena IUD inserted at my doctor's recommendation., 6 weeks after giving birth. At this time my sex drive was completley non-existant. I attributed this to having just gien birth, hormones unbalanced, the stress and sleep deprivation of a newborn, and the hormonal changes associated with breastfeeding. Well.. two years have passed, I quit breastfeeding a year ago, we have been sleeping through the night for a year, and I still had zero sex drive. I would occasionally have sex with my husband because I felt bad for him, but I dodn't really enjoy it. His smell was repulsive, kissing was gross, and even just being touched on the arm or whetever was unpleasant. I never told him any of that-- I was polite about it, I just told him my libito was really low-- nothing personal-- I just wasn't interested in sex with anyone. Which was true! Just not the whole truth! Anyway, he became resentful, irritable, pouty, and rude too.... which really didn't help. I love my husband but it's pretty hard to make yourself have sex with someone who is not nice to you. even though i knw that not having sex is the reason he is so unpleasant toward me. Well two weeks ago I had the mirena removed. I think a lot of damage has been done to our marriage in the last 2 years and I hope that things will get better. I have already noticed my body feeling something when looking at a picture of handsome guy I went to school with and when mildly (harmlessly) flirting with a coworker. I think my libido is coming back, I just need to get on a good page with my husband. Good news is I've also lost 4 pounds without trying--- after trying to lose weight for 2 years (counting calories very carefully and eating a low carb diet with no processed food) with no results- I'm starting to think that mirena may have been the culprit there too.

September 3, 2015 - 4:54pm


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