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This has been the most amazing thing I have read. I'm bipolar, I have major depressive disorder, adhd, adhd general anxiety disorder. I was "under control" until I got the mirena. I was actually hospitalized twice for depression. Ib thought it was just because of what all I had, but like I said, prior to mirena, iv felt "normal". Also, I have virtually no sex drive. In fact I hate sex. And that's the most depressing thing to me. I used to love sex and my husband loved that I loved sex. Now, I hate even being touched. I already have an appointment set to get my gives tied. We have the beautiful boys. I hope I return back to my old self once the mirena is gone. Reading some of these comments though gives me a little bit of hope. I hate the depression I suffer from, and my family suffers too. Wish me luck!

September 13, 2015 - 9:27pm


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