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Man, this sounds like it could have been written by my husband! I am truly sorry you (and he) are going through this. I never had my hormones checked, but hormone levels can swing pretty widely and still be considered "normal" by doctors. Also, one of the selling points of Mirena is that the hormone released is local and at very very low doses. So if Mirena really does bring about these changes that so many of us are experiencing, it's probably not through raising hormone levels enough that a change would be detected in a blood sample. You might ask if she would be willing to try taking it out, just on a trial run, and see if you can get back to something normal. Warning: it might take a while, though. I have had mine out for a couple months and I still don't have much of any sex drive to speak of. My poor husband is trying, too. He read the love languages book, leaves me nice notes, and I appreciate the effort, but I am still pretty put-off by sex. It's mainly his smell. His skin, his breath, etc. all stinks to me, even when he showers and brushes his teeth. That has to be a pheromone thing or a brain thing or something, right? Maybe it's similar for your wife. Mt total crack-pot theory is that there is some physiological factor we don't understand at work here. I remember when my husband and I were dating I loved the way he smelled. Now. Not at all. Something physiological happened! As for your other question, no there is nothing I can do to get turned-on so it's not just him.

October 31, 2015 - 4:25pm


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