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I really appreciate your comments. I think you are right on about it having some sort of physiological effect. I tried to see if my wife would take it out on a trial basis, but it's a no go. She is too worried about how her body would react (i.e. heavy periods etc). I just don't understand. This is our marriage and it can always be put back in later if it turns out that the Mirena has nothing to do with it. She said that she feels like she is being bullied to take it out.

She also has had ovarian cysts and recently had to have surgery on them. I mentioned that this is another side effect of Mirena, but it didn't even register with her. She just thinks that the Mirena has nothing to do with any of the issues we have. So, basically at this point if I brought it up again then she would just get angry and resent me, which wouldn't help the cause. I feel like this Mirena is like the ring from Lord of the Rings. I'll never take her precious. Haha. Probably a bad joke, but at this point all I can hope for is that the Mirena has nothing to do with it and just push forward, so I have to laugh at something.

Funny thing too is that we also read the love languages book. I do think it helped me understand a lot of things better, but at this point my wife has actually said that she doesn't even know what she likes at this point in terms of affection. It's driving me nuts that she thinks that the Mirena couldn't possibly be affecting her. It's probably going to take a separation and threat of divorce for her to take it out.

November 3, 2015 - 5:41am


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