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Yeah, my wife did go talk to her ob about it and got her hormone levels tested. In my opinion the low sex drive got dramatically worse the same time as the 2nd Mirena was put in. Apparently the ob thought that it wasn't the problem. I'm not sure exactly how she concluded that or what my wife's description of the problem was since she thinks that it's not the problem also. I feel like it's trying to convince a crazy person they're crazy. She's been on this Mirena for so long that it's all she can remember, so she thinks it's normal. And, of course, it could be normal, but I figure why not try and take it out and see. But, she says no. A sex counselor could be good. I will have to see if she's up for it. Any talk about it seems to be negative.

November 19, 2015 - 7:21pm


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