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My wife I love dearly experienced most of the side effect on this thread for 8 years. On the brink of divorce initiated by me after many years of no sex and constant mood swings, I decided to try one more thing. Research birth control side effects. Asked wife the name of the B.C she's on, lucky to get an answer this time. Mirena!
I started researching online. I printed out pages and pages of evidence suggesting Mirena may be the problem. Yet I was ignored for the next 1 year with constant nagging like “Is it all about Sex?" I'm thinking, is getting married for men and remaining loyal about anything greater than sex?. Cos if you think it is not, you'll be mistaken. I didn't say this, but you bet it is. Men get married and remain loyal with the hope of regular sex. It's that simple.

Then after raising the discussion about divorce again, she finally got the hint and went to the doctor and got it removed and got ParaGard instead. We have been happy ever since except that she now blame me for getting her period back!. (Blame that on nature). When using Mirena, no period for years.

The good thing is, no more yelling; mood back to normal and sex is back on the menu.
My conclusion, Mirena can cause temporary insanity in women and it send signals to the hormones that you are done with having babies and so sex should seize.

Why wait several years to listen to yourself?

January 10, 2016 - 7:42am


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