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Wow! I have the copper IUD (Paragard) and after reading this, I'm so glad I went with it instead of Mirena. I had cramps the first 2 months, and a 9 day period the 3rd month, and then about 5 day periods otherwise. My sex drive has been super high since getting it. I think it's because I have no worries about getting pregnant (I have a (beautiful) condom baby and hate using condoms anyway). Point is, I was thinking of switching to mirena to get shorter or no periods because my sex drive is so good that the 5 day periods seem super long because they also mean abstinence. But I'd much rather have long periods (I naturally only have 2-3 day extremely light periods) than no sex-drive. I'm definitely sticking with my Paragard and highly recommend it to all of you who've had trouble with Mirena. Thank you for all the information!!

February 9, 2016 - 10:12pm


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