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I been having the same problem and I am glad I found this! I been experiencing mood swings, vagina dryness, no periods for almost 2 years, low sex drive, to top it of I'm a type 1 diabetic so you can imagine how difficult it is to reach orgasm. After 2 kids I wanted have a good long lasting birth control but this is not helping, I talked to my male doctor but he seems not to understand, he doesn't want to take the mirena out since I already have 2 kids but I can't take it anymore. My boyfriend thinks he's the problem but is not, he suggested to take it off asap, and I think I will. I was at 135lbs and now I'm at 150lbs , I workout (zumba, crossfit, intense cardio and weights) and eat healthy my blood sugar are under control and still can't lose the weight, it's frustrating!!! So now that I know Mirena is not only affecting me but more lovely ladies then that thing is coming off!

February 11, 2016 - 10:42am


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