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OMG thank you so much everyone for your comments.

I have always known I don't want to have kids, but I have to be on birth control because of bleeding so heavy I can't leave the house, and cramps so severe I vomit and black out, even if I take midol, tylenol, ibuprofen, or even Vicodin. Plus (sorry TMI) my periods give me diarrhea for three days and last for 10.

I have been on 4 different kinds of pill birth control, and ALL of them reduced my typically high sex drive (get horny for no reason 3-5 times a day) to like a few times a week. It was the same thing with the Mirena IUD, which I have had for 1 year exactly. On top of that with the Mirena, it was so painful to have anything even bump my cervix that I was afraid to masterbate, and have remained abstinent the whole year. I just got back from a planned parenthood visit, but the doctor talked me out of having it removed and told me this pain was caused by my SOAP, and told me I should only ever use dove soap bars down there. She also said it's impossible for the Mirena to lower my sex drive, as the hormones in it are too low. Plus after putting her fingers up there for the IUD exam, I had cramping for 20 minutes afterward and then cramping 12 hours later kind of intense. This is terrible. This is the second time a doctor has talked me out of getting my IUD removed. The other time, planned parenthood told me "you'll get used to it - this will go away after the first three months." This is terrible.

I already planned on going back next week and having it be removed. Now that I'm reading from other users that it can affect your sex drive permanently, even if you get it removed, I'm not even going to talk to the doctor about why, I'm just going to have it removed, they will NOT talk me out of it this time. I can't have the copper IUD cuz it is known to make periods worse/heavier, which is already my problem.

I know I'm only 23 but I'm going to get endometrial ablation. It makes you sterile and never have periods again, and after insurance costs $250 - 450. It's relatively painless (haha, that's what they said about the Mirena insertion, the most painful experience of my life) and can be done with localized or full body anesthetic. If you don't have health insurance, it's around $1,250. Planned parenthood doesn't do it but doctors do in their office.

Thank you once again to everyone on this forum, you have changed my life. I wish you luck with this bullshit birth control business. I can't wait for them to invent a male birth control. The main reason they haven't thus far is because it would impact sex drive. Funny how they suddenly care when this happens to male patients...

March 11, 2016 - 7:06pm


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