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March 2010, I gave birth to my only child. Being an unplanned pregnancy..Before birth my doctor and I discussed birth control options for after.. and the one that was %99.9 effective is the one I chose. Mirena. My child's father and I have been together 8 years. I was supposed to have the mirena for only 5 years..I had it removed just recently after 7 years. My life is insanity and he and I have been through hell. From loving the shit out of each other to wanting to kill each other. We have hurt each other a lot and that can't possibly help in this shit. I can still get aroused but it's not easy and when I get there it's great, but not always. I start feeling amazing and then just go dead inside. and I am annoyed with sex. And when I'm annoyed, I'm like one other person who shared their story on here. I don't​ want to be touched. It makes me just angry. I don't want it. We could be smiling and laughing but I get sad or angry thinking about it...It's been this way 7 years. Really not helping my already fucked relationship anymore. I just want to be normal. Idk. I just know that when I can achieve being super horny or whatever, it's amazing. But it's not often at all. I get irritated when he tries anything and like I said could be us not getting along and going through shit but either way if the mirena is lowering my drive it's not helping my depression and inability to enjoy my relationship when it's happy. It could be causing my inability to enjoy my relationship when it is all good. I just got it removed and replaced. Hurt so bad. Took 25 minutes to get it in. Maybe I've been living in hell because of this thing..Who fucking knows.

April 3, 2017 - 3:11am


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