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I have had a Mirena for the last 2 years after switching from a copper IUD, which gave me a heavy period and horrific back pain every month. I was at the point where I hated to even look at my husband and didn't want him to touch me at all. We have maybe had sex a half a dozen times in the last two years. My doctor blamed it on being a new mother, work stress, etc. but I wasn't convinced. I started researching and came across this conversation. I also have had cystic acne for the last 2 years and always seem to be tired, apparently 2 other side effects of the Mirena. Last week I had the Mirena taken out and after 3 days without it I started to not hate my husband anymore! I wanted to give him hugs and kisses again! Then after about a week I actually wanted to have sex and was able to orgasm! I haven't had any orgasms for the last 2 years with the Mirena. I am astounded that this birth control messed up my hormones so much and cautiously optimistic that things will continue to get better. If you have a Mirena, have it removed and see if it helps before giving up on your relationship.

April 7, 2017 - 4:53pm


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